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Many iPhone and iPad owners started experiencing a variety of problems after upgrading to iOS 11. Apple rushed out iOS 11.0.1 to fix some of the issues, but it apparently made things even worse for some users.  ( Apple )

Many iPhone and iPad users have complained about a variety of problems with iOS 11, but it appears that iOS 11.0.1 does not solve the issues either.

In fact, in some cases, upgrading to iOS 11.0.1 made things even worse. Until Apple releases another update, iPhone and iPad owners might want to skip the current update to their device’s operating system.

iOS 11.0.1 Problems Make Things Worse For iPhone And iPad Owners

Apple’s release of iOS 11 brought it with many new features, but it also came with several problems. Users have reported hearing crackling noises during phone calls, and the battery life of devices since installing the operating system update has been dismal.

Apple rushed out iOS 11.0.1 to fix some of the issues, but some iPhone and iPad owners instead started experiencing even more problems. The Apple Support Twitter account has not stopped receiving complaints, while the thread for iOS 11.0.1 on the Apple sub-Reddit is filled with ones from unhappy iPhone and iPad owners.

Some users said that the battery life of their devices has been even worse since updating to iOS 11.0.1, with apps going even slower than they previously did with iOS 11. Some apps are not able to even launch at all, causing the iPhone or iPad to freeze when they are opened. There are also reports of the iPhone and iPad alarm not making a sound if the device is in Silent mode, as well as rebooting devices seemingly at random.

The only bright spot for iOS 11.0.1 is that it fixes the Outlook and Exchange email, as the services were broken with iOS 11.

You Might Want To Skip iOS 11.0.1

Apple has released the first beta of iOS 11.1, and by its name, it will likely be a bigger update compared to iOS 11.0.1. The update will be laying down the foundation for some of the capabilities of the upcoming iPhone X, and hopefully, it will address all the problems that iPhone and iPad owners have so far encountered.

However, it might take weeks before iOS 11.1 rolls out, so users should hope that Apple will release an iOS 11.0.2 update very soon to at least address some of the major problems.

In any case, users still on iOS 10 in their iPhones and iPads should hold off updating to iOS 11, if possible. For those already on iOS 11, if the Outlook functionality is not important, you might want to skip installing iOS 11.0.1 for now, and instead wait for iOS 11.0.2, at least.

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