7 products Apple probably wish they’ve never made

The Apple Watch Series 3 has now been given an alleged release date. The LTE-powered smartwatch will reportedly ship in Q4 this year to be launched alongside the much-awaited iPhone 8.  ( Apple )

Apple’s new smartwatch is almost here. This time around, Apple is reportedly focusing on making its wearable less function-dependent on an iPhone and more capable of doing things on its own without pairing schemes.

There aren’t a lot of rumors about the forthcoming smartwatch, although there’s some discussion of it being capable of LTE connectivity.

Apple Watch Series 3 Shipments Begin In Q4

Now, a report from Economic Daily suggests that Quanta Computer has finally entered the final testing phase of Apple Watch Series 3 production, which puts it very close to mass production. Shipments could begin as early as Q4 2017. This lines up with rumors saying Apple will unveil at least two new devices this fall: the much-anticipated iPhone 8 and the Apple Watch Series 3.

This makes Apple one of the only few companies willing to take a risk in the uncertain smartwatch market. It helps that as of February 2017, its smartwatch accounted for 63 percent of the total market share.

None can explain why smartwatches have failed to take off, but it could be that these devices, except for fitness-focused watches, have failed to attract customers given their reliance on smartphones to work. Because the vast majority of them require a smartphone to either work properly or be fully functional, they can often be mistaken as mere accessories.

Apple Watch Series 3 Rumors

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s often correct, the new smartwatch will offer LTE, though it might not be able to accept calls directly. It will be used for data connectivity features instead.

The current model, Apple Watch Series 2, relies on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing to access the internet. When not paired or connected to a Wi-Fi network, the smartwatch becomes incapable of running some apps, such as FaceTime.

Kuo has also previously reported that Apple will offer LTE and non-LTE versions of the Apple Watch Series 3. They’ll come with a so-called eSIM to save space, and will work across major U.S. carriers.

Kuo also said the Apple Watch 3 won’t differ from its predecessor in terms of design or form factor. Besides making them slightly bigger, it’s hard to imagine how the watch’s design could further change, given that it already looks quite beautiful. Apple, however, is a design-aggressive company, so who knows?

Take all these rumors with a grain of salt, as usual. A sequel to the Apple Watch Series 2 might make sense, but launching it alongside the iPhone 8 might cause it to get lost amid the iPhone hype. If the rumors prove accurate, however, expect to find a new Apple Watch iteration by the fourth quarter of this year.

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