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The ESPN App for the Apple TV now allows users to watch up to four livestreaming games at a time. The feature sounds like something we don’t need, but it will help once college football season rolls around.  ( Apple )

Sports junkies will absolutely love the newly updated ESPN app for the Apple TV, as it will now allow users to watch four livestreamed games at the same time.

This is one of those features that you didn’t think you need, but watching four different livestreams all at once could change game nights forever.

Watch Four Games At Once On ESPN Apple TV App

ESPN offers more than 60,000 hours of programming each year to sports fans, and the new version of the ESPN app for the Apple TV will allow users to watch more of that content.

The new ESPN app feature, named Multicast, allows the app to livestream four games simultaneously. Viewers can access 30 or more live events daily across ESPN’s networks, so there will be no shortage of games to watch.

In addition to Multicast, there will also soon be a new “Watch” tab that collects livestreams and shows based on the favorite teams of the users. The update will also add ESPN3 replays to the on-demand highlights and long-form video of the app.

“We want to take advantage of all the unique content we have, and make something only ESPN can do,” said ESPN senior VP of digital product, design and audience development Ryan Spoon, who added that he believes a significant percentage of users will take advantage of the feature.

How To Watch Four Games At A Time On ESPN App

The feature will first require users to have a subscription to a pay TV provider that offers ESPN, as well as an Apple TV that has been updated to its latest version.

Using Multicast looks simple enough. The feature is open to all the content that can be watched though the ESPN app, and it can be called up through a long-press on the Siri Remote. From there, users can select the games that will be shown in split-screen mode, which will support up to four simultaneous livestreams.

The network expects the feature to be most used in the fall, when ESPN livestreams up to 55 college football games every Saturday. The NBA season is also starting in October, and the app will allow fans of different teams to follow the action in all the games.

For users who want to watch ESPN on Apple TV but also to watch a lot of it, the Multicast feature is a new innovation that caters to you. It’s time to round up the boys and prepare for game night, while waiting to see what the new ESPN digital service has in store.

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